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    Welcome to Monkey Face Productions, a professional face painting service designed for the entire family.

    Face painting fulfills a desire for fantasy for anyone to be anything they choose to be, from a superhero to a villain, from a great lion to a gentle kitten, from a pirate to a princess and everything in between. Face painting can be simple or complex in it's designs expressing any "mood" of an individual. It's fun for everyone; for the person being painted, for the artist and for those who watch the design come to life admiring the results. Face painting brings a colorful lift to any event or occasion and is enjoyed by both adults and children alike.

    Monkey Face Productions offers an infinite number of designs, from beautiful butterflies, to scary monsters to wild animals, to school logos, handsome kings to fairy princesses, all of which can be customized to suit the individual being painted.

    A true art form, face painting brings people together at any event, young and old alike, enjoying the magic as one looks in the mirror to see themselves transformed into a creative character of their choosing.

    Visit our gallery for sample designs, check out the history of face painting and book us at your event today. Whatever your interests are, you will find a fun and fanciful time at your event when you include the art of face painting in your festivities.

    Don't forget to check out our frequently asked questions for more information on the services and fees that Monkey Face Productions provide.


    In ancient times, face painting was used to disguise a person when hunting, for religious reasons or for tribal identification. Today it still exists in its ancient form in the indigenous people of Austraila, the Pacific Islands and parts of Africa.

    The revival of face painting happened in the 60's partially prompted by the liberation of social mores where people needed an avenue to express their freedom. Whether it be an individual's birthday party, a fundraising event, or a corporate outing, face painting brings adults and children together in any forum.

    Today face and body painting has even become more popular in both amateur and professional arenas. You can see artist's work on the faces of KISS, David Bowie, Sting, as well as, seeing their artwork in commericals, magazines and television.

    Whatever the interest, face painting is more than just a fad and doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.


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